How to Play Basketball Defense

How to Play Basketball Defense

A good basketball player relies upon one’s instincts. One of the great tenets of the game of basketball is the ability to play “offense” against “off-defense”. This is a learned skill and must be practiced and developed at a basic level with good coaching.

It’s a great lesson to learn and apply the phrase, “your team is your most important tool” to your basketball endeavors. In order to become a good offensive player you must first have a good offensive mentality. Basketball requires an offensive mindset to get over any difficulties that may arise during the game. The “offense” mentality is to get the ball inside and drive to the basket with your teammates as a unit.

The “offense” mentality goes beyond getting the ball inside and to a shooter. To be a good “offense” player you must rely upon good passing skills and good shot-taking. The “offense” mentality is to make the right decisions during the game, even if that “means” going against the strategy of your team. The “offense” mentality will improve your basketball skills; it will enhance your overall team performance.

The “offense” mentality is to rely upon sound fundamentals. To do your best against any adversity that may arise is to take the proper steps toward becoming a good offensive player. To rely upon sound fundamentals is to take a “yes” decision every time you actuate the ball. You may have your own individual strategy, but relying upon it will cripple your team because it will kill concentration. And concentration is the cornerstone of teamwork.

The “offense” mentality can be improved upon. A good way to develop the offensive mentality is to make it a game. You become a good “offense” player by playing games. To improve your basketball skills, you must play against weak teams. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, but, if you do, you become good in playing games.

You must constantly strive to make yes decisions. Decision-making has to be done from a pure, sound foundation. An individual must be able to make decisions based on sound fundamentals and a sound foundation.

* It is a great advantage to have a solid defensive foundation. For this foundation is needed when playing the team game. The team game requires a solid defensive foundation. This foundation must be sound and sound in its structure. Defensive fundamentals have to be learned and mastered. It goes without saying that good fundamentals will aid your defensive foundation. A player must possess sound principles, but good fundamentals cannot be taught. A sound foundation is a result of an effective defense. Good fundamentals can improve a player’s offensive skills. When a team has a sound defensive foundation, it is easier to score against them. Defending makes the offense work harder for scoring.

* On defense you must be aware of the offensive players. If you are aware of the offensive players, it is easier to time your breaks. The less you have to think about it, the easier it is to time your breaks. The good offense has to be structured and has to be played as a team game. If you are not a team player, the team will struggle to win. The team game demands discipline, teamwork, and team spirit. These will help you play well on defense. If you are not a team player, your defense will be poor.

* On defense, the foundation is needed to get the job done. A sound foundation is a prerequisite to be a good defensive player. There are several steps that should be mastered and a foundation that can help you do this. You will have to learn to be a team player and work with other team members. A team member will need to know their responsibilities.

* You will have to learn to anticipate or see the offensive player’s moves before they happen. There are several things that can go wrong in this process. You must be on time and on point. You can do more harm than good by being one step ahead. The first step in anticipating is knowing when to hedge. You can do more harm by going around than by going directly back to the offensive player.

* Playing defense is a team effort. You have to be a team player and know your assignments. There can be many players on offense or defense who need to know their assignments and be involved. There can be players who should take bad shots and there can be players who can take good shots. A good team has all team members involved in being good team players.

* Another foundation you will have to learn is teamwork. Many shots must go through a number of people to get to the basket. Teamwork involves being alert on defense and anticipating the movements of the opponents. Teamwork involves being alert on offense and knowing your teammate’s capabilities.

These are basics that you can learn, practice and repeat over and over again. Over time, the practice drills can become second nature. Good things come to those who wait.